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Designed by Ida Bagus Oka Genijaya
Bali Skatepark Titi Batu

Check out the Latest and Greatest Bali Skatepark at Titi Batu

We here at Titi Batu love our skateboarding, and we felt like Ubud needed another venue for its beloved skaters. So we created a state of the art Bali Skatepark.


We've got a variety of structures for you to practice your moves on, with boards and scooters to rent if you are on vacation and didn't bring your own. In the meantime, we are not renting rollerblades or roller skates.

We also have some of the best instructors on the island, so please contact us at or WhatsApp +628113817755 for details on classes. We can do group classes or private/semi private sessions.. 

One of our missions at Titi Batu is to include as many people as possible in our community, and we're very happy to be able to cater to the local and expat skateboarders.  

The Titi Batu Bali Skatepark is open to short term guests on a Day Pass or you can access it regularly with a longer membership.

Opening Hours: 8 am – 8 pm Daily


*We also offer discounts for Indonesian Skaters

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