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How can I enter Titi Batu Ubud Club?

We offer Day Passes (with & without Gym access), Day Pass Skate, Day Pass Basketball, and Membership options (weekly, monthly, 3-monthly, & annual).

You can check the rates here, on our social media, or directly at Titi Batu front desk.

What is included in the Day Pass & Day Pass with Gym?

Day Pass grants access to all facilities such as sauna, steam room, cold plunge, basketball court, skatepark, squash court, kids room, except gym & members area.

Day Pass with Gym grants access to all facilities as Day Pass with the addition of gym use.

Both Day Passes include a large towel for use within the club, and food credit of IDR 75K (IDR 50K for kids rate) to be used at our Titi Batu restaurant on the day of your visit. No refund can be given for unused food credit.

Should you wish to shoot some hoops, day passes also include use of a basketball, but you must leave something at the front desk to guarantee the return of the basketball.


If I just want to come and dine at Titi Batu restaurant, do I have to pay for entrance?

No, you don’t have to. If you do not intend to use Titi Batu’s facilities during your visit, you may come and enjoy our restaurant offers without any entrance fee.

How much do I have to pay to book a sunbed? What about the cabanas?

Anyone with a Day Pass or Membership can use the sunbeds on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no extra fee for sunbed use. If you would like to use a cabana, there is a minimum consumption amount requirement; please check the rates with our staff or here. It is preferable to book the cabana beforehand. Bookings can be done through WhatsApp +62 811 381 7755 or DM us on Instagram @titi_batu

How can I sign up for a membership?

You may come straight to front desk and our staff will assist you. After obtaining your membership card, please show it to the front desk staff each time you come to Titi Batu. 


I have a KITAS. Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do. We offer a 10% KITAS discount on Memberships and Day Passes.

Sorry, we cannot apply this discount if your KITAS is still in process. An active and valid physical or scanned KITAS must be shown.


I bought a membership, but I must leave to another country. Can I have a refund?

All memberships are personal to the member and non-refundable. Memberships are also non-transferable, except for Annual Membership, which can be transferred to another person that you appoint, one time only.

Alternately, you can put a hold on your membership, of length and times according to the type of membership you purchased.


Can I come and have a free trial of the gym?

You may take the Day Pass with Gym for that purpose. Should you decide that you would like to sign up for a membership after that, we will credit the price of the Day Pass with Gym (minus food credit amount) into your membership payment. Please inform us on the same day to be able to have the price credited into your membership.


I love going to saunas. Can I have a membership only for sauna use?

Sorry, we do not offer separate-facility memberships. Our membership offer includes access to all facilities. 


If I come only to swim in the pool, or to only use sauna/steam/cold plunge/gym, how much do I have to pay? I am not a member.

Apart from skate-or-basketball-only passes, we do not offer separate Day Passes for exclusive use of just one facility. You may obtain the Day Pass or Day Pass with Gym.


I want my child to have a membership, but not for myself. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. However, please make sure that you have an adult with your child at all times to supervise when they are at the club. We do not currently provide babysitting services.


Can children use the gym, sauna, steam room & cold plunge?

For general safety reasons, children under 16 years old are not allowed in those facilities. If your child has specific reasons for using the adult-only facilities, please come by to discuss it further with us.


What about the squash court, can my child play with me?

Yes, they can. Again, adult supervision is a must in this case. Children under 16 years old are not allowed to enter the squash court on their own. They may play squash with an adult, who will be responsible for their safety and liability. You will need to sign the Minor Child Health & Fitness Liability Waiver at the front desk beforehand.


Why can’t my child use the lap pool?

They can, provided that, of course, they can swim safely and properly. However, lap pool is prioritized for swimming laps, therefore, please keep that in mind when there are other guests going in for that purpose. 

If your child is more on the chaotic side, kindly direct them to the family pool.

All babies (or little ones prone to “accidents”) must wear swim diapers in the pools.

There are no lifeguards on duty; please use caution and common sense at all times.


My child is 3 years old. Do I have to pay for his entrance?

Children under 4 years old are exempt from entrance fee. Their adult guardian or parent must take a Day Pass if planning to use facilities while accompanying their child, as we do require for any minor child to be under adult supervision at all times. 

If you plan to only supervise your child without using our facilities yourself, an adult Day Pass rate will be applied for only one child, for maximum 2 children per one adult.


Do you provide lockers?

Yes, we do. If you need a locker key, you must leave a guarantee (such as a motorbike key, ID, etc.) or IDR 200K, which will be returned upon your returning of the locker key. 

If the key is lost, there is a IDR 200K fee for its replacement.

Do you provide towels?

Yes, we do. You can pick up towels for your use during your visit at the Towels station upstairs by the lobby. Towels are provided free of charge, however we ask you to leave some form of guarantee/deposit, which will be given back upon your returning the towel(s) at the towel station.


Are skateboards and scooters provided?

Skateboards and scooters are available for rent at the front desk.


I am on vacation and I did not bring my squash racket. Do you provide squash rackets?

We have some squash rackets for rent per 2 hours. Squash balls are provided. We have single-red dot, single-yellow dot, and double-yellow dot balls for your use.


Can I bring my inline skates to the skatepark?

Yes, you can. We do not rent inline skates at our premises; you must bring your own.


Bikes allowed at the skatepark?

Only BMX bicycles are allowed to be used at our skatepark. You must bring your own BMX bike.


I have amazing essential oils that I use at home for remedies. I would like to put some drops when I’m in the sauna and steam room.

We are sorry, essential oils and other scents are prohibited in the sauna and steam room.


I accidentally left my bikini and my iPad in the changing rooms. Is there any way to find out if it is still there?

Any and all items found at the club that were left behind will be collected and logged in our Lost and Found list. You can inform us of your lost item through WhatsApp +628113817755 or contact us via Instagram @titi_batu so we can inform you on its status.


What are the general rules for the gym?

For general safety, hygiene, business & privacy reasons, these include, but not limited to: 

  • Appropriate gym attire and shoes required. No open-toed shoes or barefoot.

  • No outside personal trainers. This includes interactive personal training via video calls. If you have a pre-recorded training session (such as from YouTube), you may do so. Titi Batu can offer you a personal trainer to suit your goals.

  • Be courteous; take phone calls outside the gym.

  • If you take video recordings while at the gym, please ask your fellow gym visitors if they won’t mind being in your video. This applies back to being courteous.

  • Be considerate to others visitors.

  • Train safely & mindfully; use a spotter when lifting, don’t drop the weights, return weights to rack after use. Sanitize equipment after use. Help keep the gym tidy and clean. No food allowed inside the gym.


I notice you have group classes on schedule. Are they included with my membership?

We have fitness, dance and yoga classes on our schedule. Selected group classes are included in your membership, marked as Community Classes in the group class schedule. Any other group classes must be purchased separately. Alternately, you can take our monthly Unlimited Class Access Membership, which is a one-month membership to all facilities including to any group class within membership validity dates.

We offer a single access and 5, 10, and 20 class access packages. Class packages may be used for all classes by one person only.


Where can I check the group class schedule? And do I need to book beforehand?

You can check our group class schedule here and in our Group Class story highlight on our Instagram @titi_batu.

No need to book for our regular classes. Come early and sign up at the front desk. Classes are on first-come, first-served basis.

What if the group class is cancelled? Can I check it beforehand somewhere? 

Although we try to avoid it, classes sometimes do get cancelled. Cancellations are published with the day’s class schedule on our Instagram stories at midnight. If a class must be cancelled due to unforeseen reasons very close to its scheduled hour, your group class purchase will not be deducted against you. If you have purchased a single entry (drop-in) class, it can be refunded promptly. Please ask our front desk staff to assist you with that.

What are your opening hours?

We are open every day from 8am-10pm, except on Nyepi Day & a few odd days during the year. 

We will surely have prior announcements for such closings.

Gym is open from 7am.


How can we find you?

Our location can be found on Google Map:

Titi Batu Ubud Club

Jalan Cempaka, Banjar Kumbuh 

Mas, Ubud, Bali

Titi Batu on Google Maps

We are situated across Pelangi School, Ubud.

Do you have parking space?

We have a dedicated parking space for cars and motorbikes for members & guests visiting Titi Batu. Please restrain from using parking spaces of our neighboring businesses if you are visiting Titi Batu and not intending to visit them on the same occasion 🙏

Are you pet friendly?

While we love animals, pets are only allowed around the lobby and bar area upstairs. We have some “resident” dogs and cats around, but they stay upstairs (dogs) or roam discreetly downstairs (cats). All resident dogs have their vaccinations up to date.


I’m thinking to celebrate my daughter’s birthday at Titi Batu. Is there any special arrangement for that?

Definitely! We’d love to help you with that. You can contact our front desk through WhatsApp +628113817755 or DM us on Instagram @titi_batu.


Do you provide accommodations?

Titi Batu is a day club, so we do not have accommodations on our premises. But we’d love to connect you with our sister company at Surya Kembar Villas just a short walk away. Your stay at Surya Kembar includes free access to Titi Batu facilities.

Some of our neighboring partner hotels can also offer you a discount on entrance to use our facilities. Please make sure to ask your accommodation if they are partnering with Titi Batu on that 😊

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