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Bachata Dance:

Bachata is a style of dance and it is also a type of couple dance originated in Dominican Republic. This class is open for a beginner who wants to know the basic steps of Bachata and how to dance with a partner. We will mostly learn and practice the basic dance of three steps with a cuban hip motion followed by a tap including a hip movement on the 4th beat.

Dance it Out!:

Dancing to move the mind, body, and spirit with African, Jamaican, Polynesian, Indian ....rhythms that will make you feel the amazing beats from different cultures. 


Come to learn the Brazilian art of freedom! With elements of creative movement, music, dance, martial arts and more, Capoeira is a traditional art-form that develops strength, precision, self-expression, and awareness. Come to play in a fun, safe and community environment. Open to all levels - no previous experience required.

Hip Hop & Commercial Dance:

Learn dance routines from music videos, live shows, the newest music hits with an easy to follow add-on choreography format. Dance with attitude, discipline along with fun and sass. A hot and sweaty cardio dance class for all levels. 

Latino Beats:

Cardio​ dance class influenced by Latin rhythms and steps. Don't be shy It's time to shake your hips!! 




Is a martial arts inspired a cardiovascular workout. This class incorporates disciplines such as Karate, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, and Muay Thai for a fierce calorie burning workout. This class is perfect for anyone who wants cardiovascular training. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle toning, or sports conditioning, Combat provides a workout with options to suit all ages and fitness levels.



This class hybrid class is designed for anyone wanting to: gain overall strength, increase conditioning, get toned, lose weight and build lean muscle mass. It consists of high intensity, varied, fun, functional, interval training mixed with Boxing movements!!! No previous boxing skills needed!

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): 

In this class, the focus is on interval training for an increase in fat burning, metabolic conditioning, endurance, and strength. This is a no-frills, or gimmicks straightforward invite to add intensity to your workouts and to get leaner and stronger.


Lower Body Blast:

F​loor routines, full body stretches and fast-paced exercises that will target legs, bum and core area to shape and tone the body. The "Female Workout " that everyone should be doing!


Abs not what you want them to be? Hard- Core is an interval training class that engages your core strength, targeting your stomach & lower back muscles to make them solid and discernible.


Hatha Yoga:

This class is best for beginners to help you build a solid foundation for your practice but also nice for those who looking for a gentle and mindful back to basics class to nail their alignment.


Bali Gymnastics:

Bali gymnastics is a unique practice of gymnastics training which blends artistic gymnastics warm-up skills and drills alongside yoga influences and is a none competitive well-being class for kids.  Levels 1-4 are Introduced to ages between 6 and 14. Each skill has drills which condition the body to enable the body to strengthen to the required ability to enable execution of each skill. Rolls, cartwheels and handstand drills series, flexibility, tumbling, vaulting and balance beam are our main focus.  Visualisation meditation techniques are Introduced at the beginning and end of each class as a mental and relaxation exercise to strengthen focus and confidence levels.

Capoeira Kids (Ages 4 -12):

Through playful movement, music, dance and more, this Brazilian martial art develops body awareness, creativity, self-expression, cooperation, self-confidence and more! Come play in a fun, respectful and creative environment!

Hip Hop & Commercial Dance (Ages 6-13):

Learn dance routines from music videos, live shows, the newest music hits with an easy to follow add-on choreography format. Dance with attitude, discipline along with fun and sass. A hot and sweaty cardio dance class for all levels. 

Swimming 3-5yrs Beginner:

The students will be learning how to listen carefully to the coach instructions and encourage them to be more confident and to feel safe in the water.

Swimming Junior Beginner/Intermediate:

The students will be learning how to swim with the basic good technique of all strokes at swimming.

Swimming Squad - Junior Advanced class:

This class will be focusing on the fitness lifestyle. To stay active, to work on speed and endurance, discipline, to reach the main goal of the swimmers. This class can also prepare the students for races for those are interested to be competitive.

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