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Classes Description



Afro Fusion Dance:

Energize your soul with Afro-based dance, a highly rhythmic, percussive, and joyful way of movement to activate your body and soul.


Anti-Cellulite / Weight Loss Massage: 

Powerful treatment usually focusing on legs and buttocks to aid the breakdown of cellulite and the removal of toxins deeply stored in the fat cells, reducing the appearance of orange peel. It also helps with blood /lymph circulation and scar tissue break down. Your treatment time includes skin brushing, massage as well as Diet & Lifestyle advice from our Nutritionist & Health Coach. For optimum results, a course of treatments is highly recommended. Results vary depending on Diet, Lifestyle/Exercise, Meds you may be on, and sessions frequency.


Bali Gymnastics:

Bali gymnastics is a unique practice of gymnastics training which blends artistic gymnastics warm-up skills and drills alongside yoga influences and is a none competitive well-being class for kids.  Levels 1-4 are Introduced to ages between 6 and 14. Each skill has drills which condition the body to enable the body to strengthen to the required ability to enable execution of each skill. Rolls, cartwheels and handstand drills series, flexibility, tumbling, vaulting and balance beam are our main focus.  Visualisation meditation techniques are Introduced at the beginning and end of each class as a mental and relaxation exercise to strengthen focus and confidence levels.



Barefoot Rhythms: Dancing to move the mind, body, and spirit with African, Jamaican, Polynesian & Indian rhythms feeling the amazing beats from different cultures. 

Body Flow: A ground movement - primal style class following the fundamental human natural movements on the beat. Through movements, we learned as a baby and we can help our bodies gain flexibility, repair and prevent injury and build strength and skills. We will flow following the 7 human movement patterns: Squat, Hip Hinge, Lunge, Push, Pull, Twist and Gait. (Kids & adult classes)



Body Mind:

Class designed to give you a workout and a sense of total well-being. Deep breathing, meaningful movement, increase focus and concentration, improve posture, stronger core muscles, improve spine and bone health and a longer-leaner physique. Create health benefits both internally and externally in this chill out ambient workout. 




Is a martial arts inspired a cardiovascular workout. This class incorporates disciplines such as Karate, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, and Muay Thai for a fierce calorie burning workout. This class is perfect for anyone who wants cardiovascular training. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle toning, or sports conditioning, Combat provides a workout with options to suit all ages and fitness levels.




Here we focus on body weight movements designed to increase control, strength, flexibility, and endurance without adding any bulk to our frames. We focus on core strength, power, and balance to build a lighter, leaner, stronger body. 



Come to learn the Brazilian art of freedom! With elements of creative movement, music, dance, martial arts and more, Capoeira is a traditional art-form that develops strength, precision, self-expression, and awareness. Come to play in a fun, safe and community environment. Open to all levels - no previous experience required.



Capoeira Kids (Ages 4-6):

Through playful movement, music, dance and more, this Brazilian martial art develops body awareness, creativity, self-expression, cooperation, self-confidence and more! Come to play in a fun, respectful and creative environment!



Capoeira Kids (Ages 7-12):

Through playful movement, music, dance and more, this Brazilian martial art develops body awareness, creativity, self-expression, cooperation, self-confidence and more! Come play in a fun, respectful and creative environment!



Circuit (body-weight, endurance):

A great boredom buster, move quickly from one exercise to the next, your mind doesn't have time to wander or tune out. A circuit that combines cardio and strength moves will blast fat and sculpt your body muscles.



Community Candlelight Yin:

Soothing evening Yin by a candle flame, a powerful symbol and reminder of inner transformation as you meditate your way through deep long held static floor postures designed to relax and release your mental, energetic and myofascial blockages.  All donations go towards the Lombok cause.


Community Pranayama and Meditation - Donations go towards the Lombok cause:

Through breath work, we balance our energy body, harmonizing our subconscious reactive and emotional responses. Through meditation, we strengthen, sharpen and steady the various faculties of mind, including attention, awareness, concentration and the ability to perceive a moment to moment reality to acquire true wisdom. In practice, truth becomes our nature.



Community talk: 

This is an open discussion moderated by fitness and health professionals to answer any questions from members and guests regarding fitness, wellness, nutrition, etc. This is the unique opportunity allowing your questions to be answered directly by fitness professionals and to create a better communication and connection with the staff at Titi Batu.



Deep Tissue Massage:

This deeply sensory and restorative treatment works deep into the muscle tissues and is customized to alleviate chronic tension (neck/shoulders, lower back), muscle tightness and ease pain.  The pressure is moderate to heavy and concentrates on the tension areas. 



Drenched in Sweat:

A heart-pounding cardio in this music-driven sweaty body workout!



Dynamic Flow / Animal Movement:

Come and explore the dynamic movement of yoga asana and mobility exercises! These classes are open level and for everyone that wants to find more expansion in their body and mind through healthy and creative movement and yoga! Chris Fox teaches yoga, movement and mobility that emphasizes on individual expression and self-discovery.



FREE Health & Nutrition Discovery Session (30 mins):

Book your Complimentary Session with Audrey and discover how you can take the control of your body, increase confidence, transform your life and of course see if we are a good fit ☺. You will get your Health & Energy score with immediate priorities as well as initial tips to start feeling better in a few days. 



Fun Yoga:

Having fun with movement. This class offers a fun class for kids in a fun way that engages the kids.



Gentle Yoga: 

Focused on fundamental principles of asana that are perfect for complete beginners to more intermediate students interested in a slow, simple, balanced practice. Expert instruction on safety in alignment, using props to support, and basic drishti (focus) and breath techniques help solidify a foundation of the basics that will easily translate into any other class or an at-home practice. Questions are encouraged to help everyone gain a strong foundation of their own body’s needs, as well as the mind/body/spirit connection that yoga helps to foster. 



Hatha Yoga:

This class is best for beginners to help you build a solid foundation for your practice but also nice for those who looking for a gentle and mindful back to basics class to nail their alignment



HIIT Bootcamp: 

In this class, the focus is on interval training for an increase in fat burning, metabolic conditioning, endurance, and strength. This is a no-frills, or gimmicks straightforward invite to add intensity to your workouts and to get leaner and stronger






Hip Hop & Commercial Dance:

Learn dance routines from music videos, live shows, the newest music hits with an easy to follow add-on choreography format. Dance with attitude, discipline along with fun and sass. A hot and sweaty cardio dance class for all levels. (Kids & adults classes) 



Holistic Health Coaching Session:

We will take an integrative approach to improve the client’s health through both diet and lifestyle. We will look at the individual’s nutrition/diet, physical activity, relationships and more than help guide them towards a healthier lifestyle. The goal is not only to improve the client’s physical well-being but on a deeper level to improve their overall quality of life.



Holistic Relaxing Massage:

Featuring traditional Swedish massage, this nourishing mind-body experience is designed to improve blood circulation, oxygen, and lymph flow, remove toxins and relax body and mind. It focuses on the superficial layers of muscles using flowing and light strokes. This treatment does not relieve pain & aches - see sports or deep tissue massage for this.



Intuitive Flow:

If words were taken away and the only expression of language you had was your body, how would you move? Check in with yourself, become aware, listening to what is happening inside and surrender. Allow yourself to be moved by feeling on the full length of your breath.



Karate/ Self Defense:

The program is a fun and safe Martial Arts training program for children 5 to 13 years old. The training program is designed to encourage the development of self-discipline, motor skills, balance, endurance, flexibility, strength and the coordination of eye, hand, and foot. It is a mixture of simple training exercises and games designed to assist in the physical development, improved health and increased the fitness of each child.



Latino Beats:

Cardio dance class influenced by Latin rhythms and steps. Don't be shy It's time to shake your hips!! (Kids & adult classes)

Lower Body Blast: Floor routines, full body stretches and fast-paced exercises that will target legs, bum and core area to shape and tone the body. The "Female Workout " that everyone should be doing!



Meditation & Mindfulness:

Meditation made simple, practical and enjoyable! Discover the basic principles and practices of meditation and find peace, joy and clarity within- whenever, wherever. Learn how to meditate, or deepen your practice with practical guidance and techniques for everyday life. Never meditated before? Don’t be intimidated - open to all levels and backgrounds.


Meditation For Beginners:

Is a space provided for both novices and experienced meditators to come together and practice. If you already have your own practice, you are invited to use the space as a place to come together and be supported by the community in that practice. If you are new to meditation, you will be guided with clear techniques that will help calm and focus the mind – invaluable tools to take anywhere in life. You are encouraged to ask questions after class to get guidance and support you need to start or continue your at-home meditation practice. 


Mindful Yin:

An awareness centered practice of seeing and falling back from identification with the body-mind ego complex. Go beyond your pre-conceived notion of self as you meditate your way through deep long-held static floor postures designed to relax and release your mental, energetic and myofascial blockages. 



Mobility and Movement:

This class is for all walks of life - if you have back, knee, hip, ankle, shoulder or neck problem by dedicating 40min of mobility movement 2-3 times per week, all these issues will alleviate. Can you touch your toes without bending your knee, comfortably? 



Embrace the rhythm, feel the beat and experience how the vibe, energy & momentum can take you to the next level. Hip-hop, Street Jazz, Commercial, Lyrical... the most awesome choreography are waiting for you!! Let's move! (Teens class)



Neuromuscular Therapy Session:

This modality helps to reconnect the mind with the body. Through overuse, injury, trauma, pain patterns, post-pregnancy, etc. the body disconnects neural pathways to compensate for the dysfunctions or pain. Through a series of movements, soft tissue work, and sound I help to reconnect those neural pathways and restore functionality and symmetry.  Some of the results of NMT are pain relief, restoration of normal organ function, freedom of movement, restored strength and balance, a release of toxins, increased mind/body integration.


Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching:

Tailored diet & lifestyle plan available via a pack of sessions or program. It is designed to guide and motivate you getting closer to your nutrition, health, and weight loss goals in a sustainable and practical way. This is for you if you want to kill cravings and bloating, boost energy, achieve sustainable weight loss, improve digestion, hormonal symptoms, boost the immune system, or any specific condition.


Performing Arts for KIDS 9-12:

Improve skills in acting, dance, and storytelling about themes and characters that are important and interesting to you!



Pilates is highly functional, safe and effective, which mean you train your muscles with focusing on recruiting them in certain sequences to re-train your movement pattern. Besides toning your muscles and the cardiovascular effects that it could bring, you learn to pay attention to increase your body awareness. Great body awareness contributes to your mindful living.



For the Moms. This class is designed for you to get your body back after having a child. Here we focus on creating a deeper mind/body connection, strengthening the core and pelvic floor muscles and building a toned, lean, strong physique. We help to repair rectus diastasis and other complicated issues that may have occurred during your pregnancy. 


Power Flow:

True power lies in our ability to keep re-centering ourselves in the height of the challenge. Ignite your inner fire in this conscious active dynamic breath-centered functional strength building yoga flow.


Pregnancy Massage:

Regular sessions can naturally reduce muscle & joint pains, sciatic pain, fluid retention, swelling, constipation, gas, headaches, varicose veins, heartburn, indigestion, cramps, and anxiety & depression symptoms. It also regulates your hormones, which stabilize your mood but also improves cardiovascular health. Postnatal Massage is a great way to relieve stress & physical demands/tension that has built up from pregnancy to caring for a newborn.


Rise & Define:

A low impact complete body workout, front to back top to bottom, combining sets of resistance training and cardiovascular exercises. Sculpt muscle, burn calories and lose fat!  


Shamanic Healing Session: 

In this session, we bridge the gap between science and spirituality.  We work together to find the root of the issues that may be afflicting you and work through them using a mix of touch, talk, sound, and energy work. More often than not issues, be it mental, physical, spiritual or emotional are rooted in pyscho-spiritual distortions. During our session, we work towards creating a balance between these fields grounding the mind back into the body, and creating a renewed mind/body connection. 


Slow Flow:

The classes cultivate a sense of balance and flow, progressing mindfully from pose to pose with attention on the breath to cultivate ease, awareness and one-pointed focus. Holding poses for a little longer in the Hatha style of Yoga allows for students to align, build strength and really get to know the postures. This is the perfect class to transition from a busy day or a great compliment to a more active lifestyle leaving you with a sense of calm and serenity.



Sports & Therapeutic Massage Treatments: 

Not limited to sports people, it is equally effective for desk workers, busy moms, graphic designers and so on! Highly recommended for muscle tightness, neck & back pain, posture, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), joint stiffness, restricted range of motion & flexibility or speed up recovery from exercise, surgery, rehabilitation or injury. A wide range of techniques can be used from Advanced Deep Tissue Massage, Advanced Stretching, Neuro-Muscular Technique, Applied Kinesiology  & Acupuncture points to Myo-Fascial Release.  


Strength and Conditioning:

This class is designed for anyone wanting to: gain overall strength, increase conditioning, get toned, lose weight and build lean muscle mass. It consists of high intensity, varied, fun, functional, and interval training! 


Swimming 6-9yrs Beginner:

The students will be learning how to swim with the basic good technique of all strokes at swimming.


Swimming Intermediate - Advanced class:

This class will be focusing on the fitness lifestyle. To stay active, to work on speed and endurance, discipline, to reach the main goal of the swimmers. This class can also prepare the students for races for those are interested to be competitive.


Swimming3-5yrs Beginner:

The students will be learning how to listen carefully to the coach instructions and encourage them to be more confident and to feel safe in the water.


Tao Kung:

Derived from a centuries-old Chinese martial art, Tao Kung is a unique system of movement that improves and maintains health through a combination of stretching, simple movements, and breathing techniques. An alternative to yoga for older adults, Tao Kung is safe, gentle, and profoundly effective in nurturing a calm mind and relaxed body. 


Tiny Dancers: 

Dance program for children from 4 to 6 years old. We will focus on style, interpretation, and choreography, creating positive self-esteem and a love for the art of dance while having fun.



Suspension training originally developed by the Navy Seals. Our class blends strength, flexibility, endurance, and cardio strength. 

Vinyasa (Slow): Move dynamically from one pose to another, synchronized with your breath; build strength and endurance. This class for those who like a little sweat with their practice



Vinyasa Flow:

Classes incorporate an enlivening and energizing experience, using standing and balancing postures linked with Sun Salutations and breath to help build strength and heat in the body. With more emphasis on strong poses and movement, the intensity level helps to detoxify and clarify the energy of the body. Advised for students with an existing asana practice.


Wellness Coaching:

Wellness is the New Wealth. Sustainable well-being is achieved by a balanced approach to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing that is unique to you. It goes way beyond diet, weight loss, exercise and can incorporate any tailored Mindset work, Life coaching (including identifying your limiting beliefs and help you manifest the life and body you really want), Applied Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotional Stress Release, and more. If you are ready for a Transformational Exciting Journey and get the body & life you want then I can offer you the complete solution. 



Women´s Soul Dance:

Reconnect with your true nature and power with other women through creative movement expression and dance improvisation.

Yin Yang: Fire up for a strong dynamic yoga flow followed by a major Yin out to practice the blissful opposing forces of our nature... waking, rising, moving, heating, met immediately with cooling, stilling, surrendering, sleeping. 


Yin/Restorative Yoga:

Is designed as the perfect complement to a busy lifestyle or active physical practice. Done mostly on the floor, we allow breath, gravity, and body weight to do most of the work for us, while intentionally focusing the mind on spacious awareness and letting go. We use props to support the student into floor-held poses that facilitate the deepest letting go, states of awareness and relaxation.


Zumba Toning:

The challenge of adding resistance by using Zumba Toning Stick, helps you focus on specific muscle groups, so you stay engaged!



Is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — and resistance training.

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